To have a healthy good night’s sleep, you need a good mattress. That’s why we came up with this Hampton and Rhodes mattress review. Let’s check it out.

Hampton and Rhodes (H&R) is the sixth most popular mattress manufacturer in the U.S. They offer a wide range of mattress types, including soft, firm, and soy-based at affordable prices.    

There are numerous mattress brands available in the market, which gives customers a hard time to decide. Hence, my review would provide some insights on important aspects regarding mattress qualities and application of each feature. Hopefully you will have an easier time with decision making.

H&R is also reputable due to their well-made construction and customer’s health care policy. Our Hampton and Rhodes mattress review will show you why.

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Different types of Hampton and Rhodes Mattress

Hampton and Rhodes Pillow Top Mattress

This mattress can be considered as one of the best pillow top mattresses in the market so far. For the first time lying on the bed, it truly offers the most comfortable and relaxing feeling. The mattress material gives an ultimate feature of pressure relief, which can amazingly reduce the frequency of body tossing and turning and provide a heavy sleep for any restless sleepers.

Hampton and Rhodes Aruba 14 Inch Gel Memory Foam Pillow Top Mattress

Hampton and Rhodes Aruba 14 Inch Gel Memory Foam Pillow Top Mattress. For product information and price, click here:

Another plus point for the pillow top mattress is the quality design of the covers. The manufacturer successfully develops the quality stretch fabrics which can fully cover the memory foam’s multi-layers and utilize the mattress’s contouring feature.   

There is also a gel foam layer on top of the mattress to cool down the body temperature and give a more refreshing sleeping experience. Under the foam layers, there are two more layers of innerspring foam to reduce any pressure or heavy sensation in the mattress. These layers can also be automatically return the pressure relief of the customer’s body weight and temperature.

Unlike other mattress models in which the edges become unstable when there is pressure, Hampton and Rhodes pillow top mattress has an additional layer of gel foam to supply the extra breathability. It gives the mattress edge extra support to prevent any collapsing.

Too many layers in one mattress? H&R mattress is equipped with one more natural fire-proof layer for fire prevention in emergency cases. Due to the multi-layers (gel, foam, and innerspring) optimization in mattress making, the mattress is fully supported and comfortable for all types of customer.

Hampton and Rhodes Foam Mattress

At the first touch, you can have the comfort as this mattress is made with gel-infused Visco foam core. This type of foam offers a comfortable sleep and a fresh surface for sleeping. Similar to the pillow top mattress, Visco foam uses multiple layers to ensure an experience with premium comfort and strong support for sleeping habits.

Hampton and Rhodes Foam Mattress

Figure 2. Hampton and Rhodes HR500 Plush Gel Infused Foam Core Mattress. For product information and price, click here:

The mattress consists of 2.5 inches of cooling gel swirl layer, double layers of soft soy-based foam, and a bottom layer of comfort foam. As a matter of fact, H&R Visco foam mattress is almost 11 inches thick along with a high-density core. Primarily, the manufacturer uses CertiPUR-US certified foams to ensure that the mattress construction is made with high-quality foams only at a competitively low price.

This mattress receives many acclaims from customers. Most customers praise its comfort and effectiveness in reducing body pain and sore hips/ shoulders. The mattress is rated as a supportive product by most of the users. Also, they claim that this mattress contains excellent motion absorption support since you do not have to worry about the weight of your partner/ lover.

Notwithstanding, the mattress tends to sink deeply, which makes the sleeping surface unbalanced. And the edges are soft and not being supported by the extra material. You will find it challenging to sit on the sides of the mattress.

Overall, the Hampton and Rhodes Visco foam mattress balances both support and softness that the customers need. At an affordable price, this mattress provides the most comfortable bedding experience and peaceful night’s sleep to help you recover and feel fresh in the upcoming morning.

Hampton and Rhode San Martin Mattress

The H&R San Martin mattress focuses on the pressure relief features, which remarkably reduces the body ache and joint pain. The manufacturer also spends a lot of effort on tackling insomnia issue. The San Martin mattress reduces tossing and turning for hours in bed and provides the most restful sleep at night.  

Hampton and Rhode San Martin Mattress

Figure 3. Hampton and Rhodes San Martin 12″ Innerspring Gel Memory Foam & Pocketed Coil Mattress. For product information and price, click here:

For the cover design, there is an attractive knit cover along with contrasting edges. The top layer is manufactured with gel foam to cool down the body heat and mattress surface. It also relieves the pressure of your body and any active force to provide a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

The beneath three layers are made to eliminate your uncomfortable sleep patterns. The support foams give the extra comfort and softness to remove all the distressing pressure points and automatically adjust the mattress surface to fit with the human body weight and sleeping gesture. There is also an extra-cushioning layer to prevent the mattress from sinking after a period of using.

In general, for the people with healthcare as their priority, this is the most suitable mattress with a budget-friendly price in the market. And don’t forget that you would receive a 10-year warranty for this high-quality gel foam mattress from Hampton and Rhodes.

Overall Assessments

Design and Qualification

H&R mattress is designed with a unique  framework for providing a constant adjustment for the typical body forms and sleeping habits. Most of the mattress types come with memory foam on top which enables a relaxing sleep during the night without body aches and back pain. There is also an innerspring to support the memory foam base, which forces the mattress to be more stable.

By combining multiple layers in each design, Hampton and Rhodes has the unique design of high-quality foam mixtures. Their products offer long-lasting comfort experience for the customers at such an affordable price.

Another outstanding feature that makes Hampton and Rhodes mattress surpasses other competitors in the market is the inclusion of an infused mattress layer. This layer has the main function of balancing the mattress surface’s temperature and room atmosphere. Hence the people who have sweating issue at night can will find this feature fantastic.

Typically, some people may like to sleep on a soft and fluffy mattress, while others prefer the firm and stable one. So, the manufacturer also offers the mattress models with various thickness levels and quality-certified material. Moreover, H&R applies the chemical-free and fire-proof technology to their mattresses to increase the safety level.

Hampton and Rhodes mattress offers many benefits for customers.

Figure 4. Hampton and Rhodes mattress offers many benefits for customers.

Market Price

The market price range of Hampton and Rhode mattress is from $100 to $800. The cheapest mattress model (HR100) is about $109 and the most expensive one (Aruba) is around $800.

From our perspective, this price range is reasonable since it fits with many types of budget. Hampton and Rhodes mattresses are ideal for the family households who need to replace mattresses frequently and even the luxurious hotels that need the most high-end products.  

Lifespan and Warranty Policies

The manufacturer offers the warranties that are up to 10 years for the specific models. According to the reviews from some well-known shopping websites, the mattresses of Hampton and Rhodes are incredibly reliable and have fewer problems than other brands. If you have any difficulty in usage, follow the instructions of the manufacturer and make contact for issue resolving.

There are two types of warranty applied for Hampton and Rhodes mattress:

  • Five-year warranty: available for the models of HR300, HR320, and HR340. The manufacturer offers the first year of non-prorated warranty and the remaining four years of the pro-rated warranty.
  • Ten-year warranty: available for the remaining models. There are specific regulations in the prorated and non-prorated coverage terms and conditions. Mostly, the manufacturer gives three-year of non-prorated warranty and the remaining years of the pro-rated warranty.
  • The most basic formula to make a warranty calculation is: [Original Product Price] x [Number of Years Owned] / [Warranty Period]

Customer Support

Unlike other reputable mattress brands, the website of Hampton and Rhodes does not offer the live chat option. If you are the kind of person that prefers a live chat over speaking on the phone, this can be a problem. Otherwise, you can send your request or complaint via official email or call the customer services via the given phone number. The customer service receives phone calls from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. every day.

The Drawbacks

Most customers give feedback that the Hampton and Rhodes mattresses tend to be softer and lose the elasticity after a period of being used. It is not a bad case for people who prefer a soft mattress, but we want to discuss this issue for who prefers a firm and stable sleeping surface.

For people who suffer body aches and back pains, a sagging mattress with extra softness might not be good for their  spines. A firm mattress in this situation plays a better role in fixing the bone structure and body forms while sleeping. However, it takes years for this problem to occur, so you do not need to concern so seriously.

The next problem is about the mattress smell. Many customers state that after unboxing, there is a kind of chemical smell that comes straight to their noses. However, they also highlight that the scent would be gone after the following days. So it is not a big deal for some people.

As mentioned above, Hampton and Rhodes mattresses can be up to $800, which is costly for the specific models. However, their lifespan is not going along with their price. With the budget of above $900, you can have a product with longer lifespan and more reliability, but it is too costly for the users who need an affordable, comfy mattress.

What make Hampton and Rhodes’ products stand out?

After a busy working day, a soft mattress is what everybody needs for a peaceful night. A Hampton and Rhodes mattress is well-known since they come in various types and sizes for the customers to fulfill from basic to advanced needs. In this section, we give you a list of the advantages of H&R mattress.

Multiple Choices of Sizes

The H&R manufacturer offers a collection of sizes, including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Depend on the amount of your bedroom space and the number of people who share the bed, the Twin size is the most basic, the King size is the largest one, and the California King size is the longest among all of them.  

One tip before purchasing is pre-estimating your current bed size and evaluating its comfort. If a Full mattress size cannot meet your need of spacing, then do not hesitate to trade to a King size one. Otherwise, if the current mattress is excessively taking your private area, downsizing it to the Twin XL or Twin size is the better solution.

Comfort Satisfaction

H&R mattress offers different levels of comfort based on their variety of mattress materials. For instance, the pillow top mattress provides the ultimate comfort level for people who require the softest and most cushioned sleeping surface.

In recent times, most mattress brands prefer to make the mattresses with multiple layers to deliver the greater comfort and health benefits to the customers. It may be costly, but customers still pay lots of attention in these layer mattresses.

Budget-Friendly Prices

Your budget is also an important factor for decision-making. If you are opulent, there is no need to worry. Otherwise, H&R mattress’s range of price is limited from $100 to $800 so that every buyer can have a mattress that fits their own budget.

The best mattress is not the most expensive one; you need to study your demands and requirements, do a research about the price offers of H&R’s mattresses that fit your checklist and wrap it up to your home.

Motion Isolation

Each person has their own gesture when it comes to sleeping. Some may lie in one position throughout the night, whereas some may turn and toss around during their sleep.

For the active sleepers, the mattress which can absorb the dynamic power and does not affect alongside sleeping person should be required. Almost of Hampton and Rhodes mattress have this isolation capability when being benchmarked with other brands.

Longevity and Trial Period

Before purchasing a mattress, always check the return policy. H&R offers the customer to pick up and return the mattress at the local post offices or malls, which is guaranteed to refund 100% of your money. Denote that you will have a free month to test out the new mattress, which gives you enough time to get familiar with it before making a decision.

Is the Hampton and Rhodes mattress recommended?

To answer this question, we need to consider some principle elements. Most of the retailers that supply Hampton and Rhodes products offer the best bargain. So with a limited budget, H&R mattress is a great choice.

Also, there is a wide range of mattress types available from Hampton and Rhodes. The main retailer of Hampton and Rhodes, Mattress Firm, owns about 3,500 retail stores in the U.S. So when you consider the fact that you want to get a mattress by yourself at a nearby showroom, Hampton and Rhode mattress is suitable.

In this way, you can directly assess your experience with the mattress before purchasing it. Especially for the people who are not into the trial periods and return policy, this method can get rid of these concerns.

Nonetheless, Hampton and Rhodes offers the cheapest price for a mattress on the market so far (only $100). You need the direct and hassle-free offers of the mattress? Hampton and Rhodes is strongly recommended.  

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