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If you are wondering whether to choose Sealy or Serta for your mattress, our article is for you. Read now “Sealy or Serta, which is best suited for you?”

Buying a new mattress is a serious investment that you don’t need to make more than once in about ten years. If you are deciding for a new mattress between the two popular brands – Sealy and Serta, you may have spent a lot of time researching, trying out different types of products in stores and thinking about your budget for them.

Don’t worry. We are here to help you save time and effort. Our article is what you need, “Sealy vs Serta, which is best suited for you?”

To make the decision making process easier, we analyzed the similarities and differences between these two major brands for you. Hopefully you will have the answer after reading my article.

Let’s explore these two famous brands together right now.

About Sealy

Company overview

Founded in 1881, Sealy is the largest brand of mattresses in the United States. The company introduced the Sealy Posturepedic mattress, created an Orthopedic Advisory Board, reinvented spring coils and padded bags with patents for a variety of groundbreaking technologies, and built a firm based bedding company in the US to produce latex for itself – for the first time in the mattress industry.

In more than thirty years, the number one in market share, and design, production is Sealy brand. And this company is ready and continue to grow strongly for many years. You can find a retailer near your house and try them for yourself before making a purchase. They also have their online platform, Cocoon, for customers to shop.

sealy mattress
Sealy is one of the most famous mattress brands

What you may like

  • Choose by types such as foam, hybrid, and innerspring
  • Many showrooms
  • Average price
  • 10-year warranty

What you may not like

  • Quite thin
  • No endorsement of the National Sleep Foundation

Why choose Sealy mattress

  • When you have back pain: The center mattress is reinforced, supporting the back and hips to align the spine in a better position.
  • There are many options with different features and hardness.
  • The brand offers excellent edge support in your mattress from the reinforced edge in the Conform line to the DuraFlex Coil System in Response and Hybrid ones.

Type of mattress

Inner Spring (Response Line)

You can choose from 3 different models, including base, medium, and luxury. This type of product has breathable and contoured egg-crate style air foam, individually wrapped coils providing support and reinforced edges maintaining the mattress integrity. Moreover, you can select the middle layer for three different firmness levels.

You have both contouring foam and coil for base type and a layer of gel to keep things cool for sleeping from the middle one. Sealy also equips the luxurious product with gel-memory foam for the coolest and most contoured features.

Memory Foam (Conform Line)

Sealy uses the contouring foam above and thick foam support underneath with gel-absorbing material to help prevent heat building up inside the mattress. You also have three main types with reinforced edges for the structural integrity of the mattress including base, middle, and luxury.

First, the low-cost base type comes with contouring and support foam. Next is the middle model with a gel-infused layer and a moisture-proof cover — finally, the premium type with gel-infused supporting foam and heat distribution cover to reduce sweating.

In terms of firmness, you can buy firm, medium, and soft for the base and middle type, and soft and super firm for premium one.

Hybrid (Hybrid Line)

Another line of Sealy combines foam to create contours and micro-coils to support and bounce. Like the two product lines above, you have some choices to make, including a budget, medium, and high class.

The first two lines give you cold foam to adjust the temperature well and a premium version with cooling technology in all layers. Also, you consider the firmness for each type. The firm, soft, and medium-firm structures for medium products and firm, soft and extra soft for premium ones.

About Serta

Company overview

Founded in 1931, Serta is the oldest mattress brand in the United States. Serta offers two main types of mattresses: gel-transfer memory foam, and traditional innerspring. Serta won series of awards including Consumer Digest Best Buy, Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation, and Women’s Choice Award in 2014.

You can find Serta products widely used in the hospitality industry, such as Hilton, Wyndham, and more. And if you’re in the US, your family, relatives or your neighbors may sleep on a Serta mattress.

The most influential feature of Serta is the collaboration with the National Sleep Organization to help customers in the United States with healthy sleeping habits on quality products. At the same time, Serta is also the leading mattress supplier for luxury hotels and buildings.

serta mattress
Serta is the oldest mattress brand in the United States

What you may like

  • Purpose-oriented product
  • Endorsement of National Sleep Foundation
  • 20-year warranty
  • Various prices
  • Special choices of premium range

What you may not like

  • No products for heavy sleepers

Why choose Serta mattress

  • If you are a hot sleeper: Serta products help regulate the temperature and keep you cool all night. There are also children’s mattresses to ensure your kids sleep well on the cool surface. Other mattresses with high-tech features include memory foam and hybrid mattress using Cool Action Memory Foam transmitted with Serta gel.
  • The brand also offers a variety of mattress options to suit the personal preferences of various users.
  • Mattress transmits less movement: You will sleep peacefully and would not be disturbed by your partner constantly  during the night.

Type of mattress


You choose iComfort when you want a quiet and cool sleep with hybrid products and all memory foam. Serta produces this product line with TempActiv technology and exclusive cooling material that helps remove heat from the body and prevent dispersal on the body.

Mattress In A Box

It is a product for those who want to buy goods online and do not need to use expensive delivery services for bulky goods. You will have an affordable compressed mattress delivered directly to your door with a medium-firm to firm selection. After that, you open the package quickly and wait for the decompression mattress to return to its original shape.


If you need to reduce pressure and reduce your back pain when sleeping, you should choose Sertapedic with innerspring or memory foam types. Even if you are on a budget, you can still buy a luxury mattress of this type at a reasonable price.

Other Collections

In addition to providing separate mattresses for popular hotel systems, Serta also receives orders of these thick mattresses with internal springs to support and contour, comfortable materials to reduce pressure and sleep related body pain.

Not only that, if you have a lot of cash to spare for a high-end mattress, you can select from the mattresses which Serta makes for the five-star Bellagio hotel or the thicker iSeries hybrid with more individual coils for better support.

Sealy vs Serta
Which one is better, Sealy or Serta?

Comparison Of Sealy And Serta

For the sake of an objective and detailed look at the two brands’ products, comparison components taken into account include characteristics, features, and sales policies.

Here they are:

High-quality material

With modern technologies and excellent materials, the two brands Sealy and Serta offer you many quality products that bring better sleep.

Their mattresses are made with a contouring method for all types. The contour layer helps move the body to the support layer to make room for your curve to be in a comfortable and suitable position for your body but with excellent support.

As a result, your spine and lower back are not over-stressed and can reduce the pressure a lot.  Depending on your needs, you can choose hard or soft layers.

Now, let’s say goodbye to old mattresses because they force your body to fit into the surface of the bed, causing pain, pinching nerves, and stress point pressure.

Product types

You can buy many mattresses from these two famous companies like innerspring, hybrid, memory foam, and more. Additionally, depending on your preferences, you can also choose solid levels from soft to hard for your mattress. For instance, Sealy brings you soft to firm options, while Serta offers you medium-soft to the firm.

Now let’s talk about the thickness. You can select 5.5 to 14.5 inches from Sealy and 9 to 14 inches from Serta. Remember to check the material, layers, construction of each mattress type to find your best one.


Both brands lead the mattress market thanks to the reasonable and variety of prices. You can buy Sealy mattresses from $ 500 for innerspring mattresses to $ 1,300 for hybrid and memory foam types.

At the same price as this brand, Serta spring mattresses are also around $ 500 and the most expensive ones like hybrid and memory foam are about $ 1,500. Therefore, you can freely choose for yourself the right product within your family budget based on the essential features of the mattresses of these two companies.

As we mention above, Serta is the leading suppliers of many famous hotels. So, you can purchase luxury and high-quality products if you have more budget. Perfect quality products with high prices will be a good investment for your family’s sleep and health for a long time.

Edge Support

It is an essential feature of the mattress to bring comfort to users, help you position your body, and wake up more refreshingly. You can count on these two famous brands.

Both manufacturers keep the design with edge support along with the latest technology and product construction, bringing the structural integrity of the mattress. As a result, you make perfect use of the entire mattress surface for a good night’s sleep.

Sealy vs Serta
Choose Sealy or Serta mattress for your good night sleep

Movement Support

Imagine you slept with someone who flipped and flailed a lot, how would you expect a mattress to help? Rest assured that Sealy and Serta mattresses give you optimal movement reduction.

In general, the memory foam material is ideal for reducing motion conversion, but you still have this feature enhanced when you have built-in protection innerspring and hybrid mattresses.

At the same time, your mattress also has an excellent flat surface even when the heavy sleeper rests on it, helping you make the most of the contouring of the top layer and the mattress returns to its original shape after sinking deeply.

Trial Policy

For Sealy, you don’t have sleep trials, but you can contact your retailer and Sealy customer service to ask more about this. This policy may depend on the retailer.

How about Serta? You have a better policy to test Blue Fusion Plush and other mattresses for up to 120 nights. Thus, you will have the opportunity to better experience these products than the short trial at the showroom.

During this time, you can return the goods if you are not satisfied with the product and receive a refund within seven days, minus a 15% restocking fee. It sounds fantastic, right?


With the guarantee for users, you will prefer the policy of Serta. Serta company offers you a 20-year warranty with manufacturing errors.

Generally, the common advice is that you should replace the mattress after eight years or when you see weariness or if you start to sleep uncomfortably and painfully. But with Serta, you still have the warranty for a more extended time of use if your mattress still works.

In contrast, Sealy provides a 10-year warranty for you when there is an error from the manufacturer, along with other damages that are charged or not for repair. And you should know that the 10-year warranty period is quite famous for middle and high-end mattresses.

In short, these two companies’ warranty guarantees your long-term use and excellent customer service during the time you own their mattresses.

Customer Service

Because they are US companies, they have factories and customer care centers located here. Other values you might find within these products is the excellent and quick after-sales services including complaints, enquiries, or  technical support related to the product.


The National Sleep Foundation corroborates the Serta brand, making it even more advantageous than Sealy, although both brands produce many excellent mattress products. You can view this as a reference for reliability and credibility during your decision making process.

The National Sleep Foundation corroborates the Serta brand
The National Sleep Foundation corroborates the Serta brand


Each person’s needs are not the same, and you can choose to buy a variety of accessories to change or supplement your mattresses at home. They are adjustable foundations, bed bases, pillows, bed sheets, mattress guards, and more.

These things provide convenience and comfort for you and your family members when using Sealy and Serta mattresses.


You can pay monthly for the cost of your mattress by choosing financing support. The procedure is fast and straightforward when you select and buy products through the website of the two brands. Quickly bring home the most suitable mattress now.

Where to buy

For most customers in the US, you can visit, experience, and shop at Sealy and Serta mattress showrooms across the country. It’s time for you to go out, find a store near you and pick the best one.

Besides, you can buy these mattress online and wait for their direct delivery to your door.

Sealy vs Serta: Who is The Winner?

With what we mention above, have you decided to buy Sealy or Serta mattresses for yourself?

In our opinion, the winner brand is Serta because of its more extended warranty and the endorsement of The National Sleep Foundation. After all, family’s health and product durability are the primary criteria for a mattress.

Moreover, we love the way they classify their products based on intended use. We can quickly buy our suitable mattress from these mattress types.

How about you? What do you want to buy for your family?

Figure out your need, calculate your budget, and select the best mattress you want from Sealy or Serta. But wait, there’s more.

Let’s Pick Your Best Mattress From Sealy and Serta

Now you know many things about the two best brand of mattress in the U.S. It’s your turn to go to a local store or buy online the best mattress for you. Each brand has its types of products for you to choose from.

Although Serta wins over Sealy in our comparison, we believe both of these two brands are good enough for your daily use.

However, for a low-cost product, you can buy Sealy while Serta is the ideal choice for the premium one. In the case of average price, consider both brands and search more about their features.

Do not hesitate to share your ideas, experiences, or ask questions if you want to know more about Sealy and Serta. And please help us share and like this post to everyone who needs the advice of buying a mattress from these famous brands.

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