There are many people who secretly dream to own long hair. It exalts the beauty of women. They even have to pay a lot of money to buy products that help hair grow faster. Meanwhile, people with long hair are also concerned about the night how to sleep with long hair to light up the hair is still healthy and beautiful and not collapsed?

In this article, we will solve that problem for you!

Classic style bun hair Brigitte Bardot

For girls with long hair, the habit of constantly changing posture while sleeping can “kill” beautiful hair and make you suffer a lot of effort to re-create the next morning. If you want to sleep freely, but your hair is still beautiful, you can create a style of a classic bun tuff Brigitte Bardot. The spiral-shaped curly hair will help to stabilize and hold the curls very durable.

You should use a cloth-covered rubber band to fix the bun on the top of the head, to avoid breaking hair like normal cords. After a night, your hair will have very natural waves without tangle.

how to sleep with long hair
This hairstyle is also very fashionable to help you become neat and beautiful while sleeping.

Braid it all the way

For those women who are always uncomfortable and itchy because their hair is on their face when they go to bed, they will have the simplest and most effective solution. Braid on both sides will also help cause headaches and discomfort than a single pigtail, suitable for going to sleep. However, the braided hair on both sides does not create a frizzy hair effect if you are letting it straighten and stretch your hair. This hairstyle is more suitable for those who have made the curling waves available, which helps keep the corrugated waves more uniform, without breaking the bed.

In addition, if you prefer classic curly hair, choose a plait of a hand on the back of your head. You do not need to take all the curls at the top of your scalp to get the plaits, but take the rounds together and loosen your hands. This hairstyle is quite feminine and suits the coming weather, so outside of bedtime, you can absolutely apply this hairstyle for outings or office work.

Scrunch it low

If you have a straight and smooth hair, how to sleep with a long hair is to tie the loose ponytail to one side to avoid lying on the hair while sleeping. This will limit the friction of the hair with the pillow, preventing hair from tangling when you wake up. If you want to have light curly hair in the morning, try braiding your hair when you sleep. But be careful not to tighten up to avoid putting pressure on your hair and scalp.

How to sleep with long hair 1
If you have a straight and long hair, you can tie a loose ponytail so your hair does not curl the next morning. The best advantage of overnight hair is that you have tangled hair and lovely natural curls the next morning.

Forcing “pineapple” style

If you own a long curly hair, the risk of the sleeping disorder will be higher. Therefore, it is best to have a high bun on the top of the head (remember that it is not horizontal and front) so that it does not get tangled and affects the quality of your sleep. And remember to column loosely.

If you really do not like tying your hair to sleep, break up your hair and scoop up the top of your head to avoid lying on your hair, to help prevent hair loss and tangles better.

How to sleep with long hair 2
If you have curly hair, you can try to squeeze a bun in the top of your head (remember not before and after your face) so that it does not affect your sleep and stay in shape until the morning after. Make sure you tie loose hair.

Note to protect long hair when sleeping

Comb your hair before going to bed to help your hair get in shape and limit the condition of tangled hair the next morning. But instead of using a thick comb, you should buy a wide-toothed comb or ivory comb to limit friction to your hair. Or you can use your hand to stroke your hair before going to bed.

Avoid tying your hair while it’s wet. If you worry that your hair will be tangled and want to tie your hair up, make sure your hair is 80% dry before you tie it up to avoid unwanted hair styling and hair breakage. And the same rules apply when you dry your hair (let your hair cool down before you tie or braid your hair).

Do not use rigid fabric pillowcases, it can tangle and tangle your hair. Silk or satin pillowcases should be used because they create less friction on hair, less pressure, and less tangle. They also help hair retain natural oils, great for people with dry hair.

Hope how to sleep with long hair presented above can help you be more confident with your beauty. Wish you are always beautiful and radiant!

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