Did you know that normally, humans will spend about 1/3 of their lives sleeping? This shows that sleep plays a very important role in each person’s health. People want a deep sleep so that the next morning the body recreates the energy source, full of life. So do you know how to sleep like a baby tonight?

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The importance of having a good sleep

In the age of technology development as today, people are often reeling from work and technological devices, so our biological clock easily deviates from the real needs of the body. As a result, sometimes we go to bed very early, but sleep is still very busy, making the body always in a state of fatigue the next day.

And yet, the lack of sleep or deep sleep can also adversely affect many dangerous illnesses such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, even reducing life expectancy.

How to sleep like a baby tonight 1
If  you do not want to have trouble with sleep deprivation, you should learn to sleep properly and enough hours.

How to sleep like a baby tonight

Turn off all green light sources

The electronic devices in the bedroom such as mobile phones, digital watches, televisions … all have blue light, short waves of blue light can affect your sleep. So turn off all blue light devices before sleeping for 1 hour so you can easily go to sleep.

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Avoid sleeping at all times

If you need to take a nap, you should only maintain a nap for about 20 minutes or less. Within 8 hours before bed, just taking a nap for a moment can ruin a good night’s sleep. When sleepiness comes at the wrong time, it’s best to walk, drink a glass of water or phone a friend.

Do not look at the clock

When people can’t sleep, people tend to watch hours at night, which in general makes you more anxious about a busy day coming. It’s best to put the watch in the drawer or give it somewhere you can’t see if you want a good night’s sleep.

Try clamping a pillow to your leg

Back pain is thought to be the culprit, making it difficult for many people to have long sleep. The solution is to place a pillow between your legs to make your hip contact better, relieve stress on your back, which will help reduce back pain when sleeping.

Put the neck in the most natural position

The posture of trying to help people have deep sleep, avoid getting tired and stiff neck after waking up. To get this, choose a moderate pillow, avoid too high or low.

How to sleep like a baby tonight 2
Need to choose a pillow to spine and neck alignment.

Make sure your mattress is clean

Reactions of sneezing, sniffling, itching or allergy can distract sleep, mattresses and pillows may be the cause. Regular cleaning of pillows is required to ensure you always have the safest sleep.

Ensure the functionality of the bedroom

Experts recommend that in the bedroom and bed should not use any extra functions such as watching television, talking on the phone … All objects appear in the bedroom should only contribute to feeling relaxed. , relax.

Set of biological clocks

Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, including weekends, will create a good circadian rhythm for your body. This habit will put the brain and body into a healthy sleep-wake cycle. Thus, at night you will fall asleep quickly and sleep well through the night.

Keep away from caffeine

Many people have a habit of drinking coffee at breakfast, but if they want to sleep well, since lunch, stay away from caffeine in both food and drinks. Caffeine interferes with sleep, including a small amount in chocolate. Painkillers or various weight-loss pills also contain caffeine in it, read the ingredients carefully before using them.

Do exercise

Regular exercise has been shown to improve sleep quality. Even before going to bed, some gentle yoga movements are a way to help you have a perfect sleep.

Avoid eating energy-rich foods at dinner

If eating energy-rich foods, or adding a large amount of food before sleep makes our digestive system work harder, so it will be difficult to have a good night’s sleep. Need light supper, and finish the meal at least 1 hour before going to bed.

Do not drink alcohol

Many people mistakenly believe that drinking alcohol is easier to sleep. The fact is that alcohol produces a sedative effect, which can make you sleepy, but then alcohol is the culprit that wakes up at night, sleepless sleep. Want to sleep well, drink warm milk or chamomile tea in the evening before going to bed.

Do not eat and drink before sleeping

Like a child, if the evening drinks too much water or snacks, they need to wake up to go to the toilet. Get in the habit of not eating or drinking for 2 hours before going to bed so you don’t have to wake up at night.

How to sleep like a baby tonight 3
Eat and drink before sleeping that will be harder for you to go back to sleep like a baby tonight!

Put everything aside  

About 2-3 hours before bedtime, turn off the lights and put all your work, worries aside, lower your active brain signals so that your brain can produce melatonin, a hormone that brings sleep.

Eliminate the night noise

Night noises also make it difficult for a person to sleep awake like the sound of a tap, a cough, or a barking dog … So make sure there are no noises coming to your ears when you sleep like wearing a sleep earplug.

Quit smoking

In nicotine cigarettes, this is a caffeine-like stimulant, which aggravates human insomnia. If you haven’t quit the drug yet, smoke at least 4 hours away from sleep.

Keep the pet away from the bed

Animals moving at night can awaken people. In addition, they risk carrying fleas, furs, pollen on your bed, which cause an allergic reaction, ruining your sleep.

Free the mind

Before you go to sleep, don’t think too much, relax or do something light, like meditating, listening to music or taking a warm bath to help us relax and get to sleep more easily.

Be careful with sleeping pills

For people who suffer from frequent insomnia, the use of sleeping pills is inevitable. However, some sleeping pills can be addictive, even with unpleasant side effects for users. It is best not to abuse the drug, only to use it when absolutely necessary, not to use it for a long time, so change the lifestyle and behavior so that you can sleep better.

Good sleep gives you positive energy to start a new day. To learn how to sleep like a baby tonight. Hopefully, this information will be helpful and improve your sleep better.

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