The memory foam pillow is definitely no stranger to moms and office workers. One of the most asked questions of customers when buying this pillow is how to clean memory foam pillow effectively?

Hygiene issues are always concerned by people because it directly affects our health. Understanding the worries of most users, in the article, we will help people answer these questions!

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What is a memory foam pillow?

Memory foam pillow is a kind of pillow with the main material of young rubber – a material that is said to be smooth, safe and long-lasting. Young rubber pillows can be used for many years without distortion.

This pillow is used to support the neck, minimize shoulder and neck pain, help users have a good sleep. Therefore, this pillow is also popular among tourists or office workers. The memory foam pillows help them to be more comfortable on long trips or reduce shoulder pain when sitting too long on an office chair.

It is necessary to buy a memory foam pillow for children. Therefore, the memory foam pillow is also trusted by many parents and bought for their children.

How to clean memory foam pillow
If you have back pain, shoulder pain, spinal degeneration, vertebral calcification … the first time you lie on a memory foam pillow, you have felt pain immediately.

Structure of memory foam pillow

Today most of the quality young latex pillows are made of 3 layers: the outer shell, the lining, and the young rubber.

The outer shell is direct contact with the skin, so it is usually made of soft fabric, airy, sweat absorbing, and especially safe for the skin. The lining covers the young rubber to help prevent moisture and dirt from sticking to the young rubber. And finally, the smooth, super-elastic and safe rubber layer, the main reason why users wonder if the baby rubber mattress can be washed?

How to clean memory foam pillow
Memory foam pillow is selected by customers by many preeminent features.

Can the memory pillow be washed?

Memory foam pillow is fully washable. Cleaning the pillow after use is extremely necessary. With a three-layer structure, the cover is removable, the user can clean the pillow himself without worrying about the deformed rubber layer.

In particular, the pillow is in direct contact with the skin, if not cleaned, the dirt, bacteria on the pillow will cause your skin to have redness, allergies, and heavier can lead to dermatitis. For adults, it has been a serious consequence, so with young rubber pillows for children, parents need to pay more attention to hygiene. Because compared to adults, the skin of young children is more fragile and more susceptible to irritation with dirt.

How to clean memory foam pillow effectively?

The lifespan of a product depends more or less on how you clean them. Even good memory foam pillow cannot last long if you don’t clean it properly.

Often when cleaning products, to save time, many people often keep the memory foam pillow on the washing machine. This approach is not recommended because it will affect more or less the memory foam elasticity.

The best way to wash is to peel off the outer layer of the pillow. This layer is often sewn so it is easy to remove, you can wash your hands or wash the machine and then dry it. However, if you have time, you should wash your hands to make sure the fabric is not colored. With the memory foam pillow cover for babies, parents should wash with their own detergent, and should regularly clean to ensure the safety of their health.

baking soda
Using baking soda to deodorize the memory foam pillow is also a good way.

As for the young rubber core, because there is a layer of dust-proof material and the characteristics of young rubber are dust-proof, you may not need to wash. If you are concerned about it getting dirty, you can dry or dry it. One thing to note is that you should store memory foam in a cool place, avoid the sun and places with high temperature, moldy because this can directly affect the quality of the product.

Memory foam pillow should be cleaned at least once a week if you use it often, or when the pillow has a bad smell or dirt you should clean it immediately.

A pillow with great functions requires proper protection to increase the time of use. Hopefully, the article how to clean memory foam pillow will provide useful information for readers.