The sleeping posture of two people not only reveals your personality but also shows your current marital status and relationship. Try to see couple sleeping positions and what they mean.

According to experts, each sleeping posture says something about the relationship between couples. Because the body language when we sleep will reveal a lot about the subconscious – what we really feel from the partner.

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And the information below will surprise you. We will tell you about couple sleeping positions and what they mean. If couples are happy or not, even in sex life.

The back kissers

Couple sleeping positions and what they mean 1

A person lay with his back to the other person and hugged his knees or crouched like he was in his mother’s womb.

This posture gives you a sense of security that you crave. But you are also a person who often feels lonely in her current relationship. The important thing is that you two have to confide more to each other before the distance grows.

In sex life, you two are not really in harmony. You want the foreplay to be longer but you are afraid to speak and the person doesn’t respond as well as your love.

The liberty lovers

 couple sleeping positions and what they mean

The two of you lay with your back to each other and each one on the bed. This position shows that for a long time, the two of you are not intimate. Both are independent people and do not want to bind the enemy. If one or both people are feeling frustrated or abandoned, this sleeping posture will create a clear wall between the two. Try to build an emotional bridge during the day to fall night, you may want to be embraced by your partner.

About sex life, if you do not work hard, your sex life will be zero. Conversely, if you have the will to “light fire” to this relationship, you will receive all the feelings, feelings of pent-up opponents.

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Tummy posture

This position shows that both of you are exhausted and stressed in your current relationship. It is of course when you step into the room and drop yourself into your dear bed after a hard day’s work. And similarly, in a relationship, both are feeling overwhelmed with love.

But if this is your natural sleeping posture, there is no problem. Make sure the other person feels loved and cherished before you fall asleep. The sex life of two people can be harmonious, somewhat lazy but still interesting as long as you are not too tired.

The cold fusion

Both of you feel attracted to the enemy. You lie in his arms and snuggle into his neck. The two are quite sensitive to the needs of the other and their soulmates. Maybe you like a romantic evening with candles, music and sexy, passionate love. Both take the time to please the opponent.

Mixed posture

 couple sleeping positions and what they mean

There may be a “power struggle” taking place in your relationship but the good news is that the two don’t give up. Both want to expand the scope of power (so your legs still touch each other) and improve this relationship but have yet to come to a conclusion.

You need to communicate more openly. Give each other the confidence to be able to share anything and first, praise the good things between the two of you. If both are in a war for power, your sex life will be “ saltier” than usual. You or the other person may like to handcuff or blindfold the other person.

The chase

Different from the traditional style, in this posture, the woman will hug her man from behind. She is the one responsible for the emotional care of their relationship. This does not mean that she has all the power that she is sympathetic to. And the important thing is that the man feels listened to.

In sex life, she will definitely make you have loving foreplay. Because she is a sympathetic person, she may know what her lover needs.

The spoon

 couple sleeping positions and what they mean

The two of them lie on their sides, he hugs you from behind and you’re still in his arms.

This may be a traditional boyfriend, willing to protect his partner. This position offers comfort and a sense of protection for you. But be aware that this posture does not lead to an old-fashioned patriarchal relationship and he will be responsible for all his decisions.

In sex life, this man often likes the classic male love posture, but many couples feel bored too, so advise him to combine different poses.

Facing Each Other – Loving posture

Facing Each Other - Loving posture

The two of you are tightly entwined and you fit in his arms. This posture shows you two have a lot of passion for each other. You may also be in the honeymoon phase in your relationship. Or perhaps the two of you simply feel enamored with each other. You two seem very happy in sex life and always want to try new feelings in love.

Above we talked to you about: couple sleeping positions and what they mean. But also don’t change your sleeping habits and the other half if it’s really uncomfortable. Rest in the most comfortable way, because no matter what, your feelings are important, the way you love and treat each other makes lasting happiness.

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