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Hello guys! It has been a grip since our team provided you with information about mattress models. Have you got the right one for your bed yet?

Today, we would like to continue with Eclipse, another reliable brand with good ratings in the world of mattress industry.

Haven’t you owned a satisfying mattress? So don’t hesitate to follow our detailed eclipse mattress review for amazing things.

Eclipse background

Eclipse, a world-renowned COCSA – endorsed company, is among the largest bedding brands in East Coast USA.

Behind this brand are a legacy of mattress production, a commitment to the sleep ergonomics, and an eagerness to create differences for the customers’ sleep health.

Since its foundation in 1905, with excellent hand-craftsmanship experience, it has produced several different gel memory foam mattresses which ensure a restful sleep.

Up until now, it has expanded the base of operations all over the world. Shoppers can purchase this brand’s mattresses at one of more than thousands of retailers worldwide and visit outlets on the Internet.

Notably, Eclipse is also a firm believer in reducing the impact on the natural environment. It always focuses on using sustainable organic components.

Following the environmental consciousness, this brand tends to recycle old products that users return instead of throwing them away in landfills.

About Eclipse products

Available lines

Eclipse offers a variety of product lines. The Harmony and Serene ones are two commercial types for many buyers.

Both of them feature a similar hybrid construction that includes multiple foam layers and an inner coiled springs layer. That design will bring you a remarkable blend of comfort and support.

Besides, there are also different kinds of mattresses specific to hotels and the hospitality industry, including the Presidential Suite, Executive Suite, and Master Suite.


● Advanced technologies

To make products with quality components, the brand has applied groundbreaking technologies with optimum advances.

● Life Edge Perimeter System

This technology offers optimal edge support around your whole mattress perimeter. You will have ultimate sleep quality with fewer sinks and sags.

● Spinal Zone System 

The exclusive system will reinforce the center-third part of your mattress, which helps to reduce your back pain for a night of better and healthier sleep.

● Zone Quilt System

It will pre-compress the cushioning components in your mattress’s center third area, which aids in the breakdown reduction.

● Body support

Eclipse gets a good compliment on comfort from its many mattress lovers. According to them, pressure relief is a significant benefit of using Eclipse mattresses.

Plus, coming with the finest materials, Eclipse mattresses will assist in your body contouring support as well.

● Motion transfer reduction

Another significant strength of Eclipse’s products is reducing motion transfer. With the continuous memory foam design, it will eliminate across-board motion transfer and keep sleeper’s body in place.

Thus, you will be able to enjoy a peaceful sleep without being disturbed by the tossing of your partner.

Overall, Eclipse mattresses have excellent motion isolation capabilities as well as high ratings among buyers for addressing pain.


If you plan to buy an Eclipse mattress, you are going to spend a premium amount for it. Though its price tag is a little bit more expensive than some other brands, the excellent support and comfort it offers will satisfy you.  

Besides, the brand does not seem to offer any deals or coupons on its products, at least not directly. Anyway, retailers often handle them. In this case, prices will vary from seller to seller.

So to get the best deals, you can take advantages of seasonal sales in the local mattress outlets. Throughout that time, they also get rid of old inventory. You may find them on clearance and get up to 50% off. 

Smart shipping

An Eclipse mattress will arrive at your house’s doorstep in a wrapped box for easy setup. You only need to bring it to your bedroom, cut the plastic wrap, and then unroll. You will be surprised at how fast it expands within a few minutes.

Warranty and Return Policy

Eclipse comes with the standard 10-year warranty like several brands in the mattress industry. That warranty includes damage because of the shipping process or faulty construction but doesn’t cover damage caused by customers.

This brand doesn’t come with any singular return policy. When you purchase its mattress but not feel satisfied, you must follow the return policies of that company.

Refunds often occur within a few days right after your mattress is safely delivered to that retailer.


  • Superior quality
  • Come in a variety of sizes
  • Beautifully crafted and ergonomic products
  • Premium materials and features
  • Luxurious sleep experience
  • Different available accessories for a perfect sleep environment
  • Accurate and rapid shipping
  • An extensive deal support network


  • The mattress may have the factory odor for around a few weeks. This issue is the result of the extreme high-density construction, but it is harmless and healthy.
  • Like other new mattresses, it will take you a while to get accustomed to the original product and sleep experience.
  • Most sleepers feel comfortable on the first use while others need some days to adjust to the satisfying foam feeling. Here, to get used to it, we recommend using your mattress for two or three weeks.

Bestseller of Eclipse

Ultra-Deluxe Gel Memory Foam: Top pick

Ultra-Deluxe Gel Memory Foam

According to what we have mentioned earlier, Eclipse product lines own good quality. One of the more highly-rated items of this brand is the Ultra Deluxe 11” mattress, an unquilted soft model.


The Ultra Deluxe mattress comprises four different memory foam layers with varying densities and weights.

The bottom section has consisted of 7-inch base foam. This layer is so-called the foundation, so it is quite firm.

Above that base layer, there comes with the 2-inch open-cell memory foam, which is denser than the base foam. As you know, memory foam will help the item to return to the original shape. It will give your product some bounciness, too.

For the third layer, you will get the ultimate 2-inch memory foam. That type is a gel-infused open-cell foam whose density is 3.8 lbs per cubic foot. The feel of this layer is also softer than that of the layer below, making the entire mattress extra plush.

With hypoallergenic materials, the top layer rounds out your mattress composition.

Overall, this Certi-PUR certified mattress features eco-friendly components. If you are environmentally-conscious, rest assured! You own a bed with a low carbon footprint in the production.


The brand focuses on crafting this Ultra Deluxe mattress to keep you cushioned and supported while sleeping.

To do that, all of the added layers of this item will help facilitate better air as well as heat transfer than conventional types.

Also, the foam will reduce all motion transfer to minimize sleep disturbances from your partner. You will be able to get up refreshed and always get ready a new day every morning. How great it is!

For whom is this product?

The Ultra Deluxe mattress of Eclipse will be ideal for buyers who enjoy a temporary solution but long-lasting comfort.

For side sleepers who require an extraordinarily soft mattress, it will match the curvature of your body as perfectly as possible.

For those who are suffering from back pain, foam mattresses, and luxurious ones such as this Ultra Deluxe item will support well.

It allows the spine and back to align naturally. There won’t be painful pressure points which often develop when users sleep on types of firm mattresses.


  • Made in the USA
  • Easy for setting up
  • Heavy-duty construction for long-term support
  • Ergonomics, practicality, and comfort
  • A right fit for a wide selection of bed bases
  • Being able to absorb motion when sleepers turn and toss
  • Having no harmful chemicals, elements, and emissions
  • Stabilizing and distributing weight to maintaining natural spinal alignment
  • Ability to cushion, cradle and relieve possible pressure points


  • Some who have a tight budget find this product pricey
Overall, this Ultra Deluxe model itself is not too bad. Highlight features make it stand out from the rest. If you don’t pay much attention to the cost, this model is worth trying for a better night’s sleep.

Two-Sided 10-inch Firm Foam: Runner up


Two-Sided 10-inch Firm Foam

Another unique item that stands second in the Eclipse best sellers rank is the two-sided 10-inch Firm Foam mattress, a firm comfort type.


The construction of this mattress includes quilting layers, comfort layers, and support system.

Its polyurethane foam comfort, as well as support layers, will offer light cushioning along with stability and great support. Thus, stomach and back sleepers will get a night of better sleep.

The simple design also makes it simpler to deliver compared to other thicker, more massive options.


Can be flipped over to improve the lifespan, this Eclipse 10-inch mattress will provide firm and versatile support for the body of users.

Besides, with low motion transfer, you won’t have midnight waking or won’t be unable to sleep.

What’s more, materials in this item can prevent allergens that often trouble users with typical allergies.

You can also pair this mattress with your adjustable base, which will let you raise your feet and head or both.

For whom is this product?

This two-sided firm foam mattress will be a good option for stomach or back sleepers, singles or couples, and adults or kids alike.

For average side sleepers, they should be small in weight and height to get the best support.


  • The firmness with superior comfort
  • Good-looking appearance
  • Conveniently arriving at your house in a wrapped box
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Being made with harmless materials
  • Being ideal for adjustable bases
  • Good value for the price


  • Some sleepers experience heat retention in a few first days of use
Several layers of luxurious cushioning will be the best. However, a firm, no-frills mattress is sometimes what you require. In case pragmatism is what you crave, consider this Eclipse two-sided mattress now!

Deluxe Sleeper Sofa 4.5-inch Medium Memory Foam

Deluxe Sleeper Sofa 4.5-inch Medium Memory Foam

This Deluxe Sleeper Sofa 4.5-inch Memory Foam mattress ranked third in the bestseller list of Eclipse brand, belongs to medium plush comfort types. It will well fit the unique size of your chairs or sleep sofas.


Coming with Twin, Full, and Queen sizes, this memory foam item will make you feel cushioned and supported during the night whether you sleep on your back or side. Its design includes quilting layers, comfort layers, and the excellent support system.

To top it up, the breathable 2-inch memory foam layer lends softness and works with the support ones to give sleepers an ultimate sleeping experience.

Underneath that top layer is the supportive base layer. It helps to maintain the effectiveness and strength of all layers. You will get the relaxation as well as the comfortable sleeping experience.

There is also an elegant knit cover for more breathability. The four-way stretch will conform to the body for exceptional comfort and works with the top layer to optimize all contouring properties.

Like two products above, this mattress also gets Certipur certification. That means the tested foam follows all national standards for using harmless materials and reducing emissions.


This innovative product from Eclipse will bring you the comfort, orthopedic benefits, and luxury of memory foam to your chairs and sofas.

Its high-density foam working as a base of stability, support, and longevity will offer your body alignment. Plus, it will cradle and relieve your pressure points that cause tossing and turning, or discomfort.

It is also able to maintain the original shape, so you and your partners can sleep and rest more easily.

For whom is this product?

We want to recommend it to those who have back pain and want to replace uncomfortable sofa bed coil mattresses. Its patented spinal zone system will increase more advantages to back sleepers.

Anyway, it is not ideal for heavy users who need around 13-inch mattress thickness to get adequate support.


  • Cushion-firm feeling
  • Being hypoallergenic
  • Removable and washable stretch-knit cover
  • Featuring no harmful elements
  • The unique design that fits most types of chair and sofa bed on the market
  • High comfort and orthopedic support
  • Being easy to wipe and keep clean with your damp cloth


  • Doesn’t include any compatible sofa frame in the box
Don’t you have enough space for a guest room? So let’s host your guests, who enjoy staying long, on this memory foam mattress. They will be undoubtedly comfortable during their stay.

Similar brands comparison

In case you want comparable mattresses, you can consider Saatva. The bed from this brand comes in three different firmness levels, including soft, medium, and hard.

That feature impresses a more extensive range of buyers than the single level of firmness. Though they are a bit expensive, they are still a significant tradeoff.

Another brand with a similar price tag is Leesa. It gives customers a trial period so that you will have chances to test out your product and return it when you do not feel satisfied.


Does the Eclipse brand offer any free trial period?

The Eclipse brand itself doesn’t offer a free trial period. If possible, you can contact your local retailer for this service.

Are the Eclipse products fire-retardant?

Yes. Most mattress products sold in the USA is fire-retardant by law. Almost every component in mattresses like latex, wool, and foam don’t require chemicals to abide by fire safety standards.

Even when those items meet flammability standards, you should follow instructions of the manufacturer to get the best results.

What is the perfect bed foundation/frame for Eclipse mattresses?

In this case, you should choose a solid or hard foundation. Foam mattresses like Eclipse ones often conform to their support shape so that box springs will not be good options.

A solid or hard foundation with no slats or small slats will be better since it helps to make the support better.

Does foam soften over time? Is it a big issue?

In reality, a moderate increase in the foam softness doesn’t have a massive effect on the qualities of your mattress.

There can be situations in which the foam becomes a bit softer than the average level, but there isn’t any visible sag.

The case of being that softening may be considered manufacturing defects. In case you suspect that situation happens, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer, and they will help you determine whether your issue a manufacturing defect or not.


We have just shown you some helpful information about the Eclipse brand and the varied benefits their products offer.

Those who love high-quality and robust mattresses will surely enjoy Eclipse items. With one of those perfect mattresses in your bedroom, you can come closer to your sleep perfection.

We hope this Eclipse mattress review will make your decision easier. For more exciting news, don’t forget to be back to our site next time! Many thanks!

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