Great sleep is essential for everyone, so the decision for Serta or Beautyrest can overwhelm you. Let’s find out Beautyrest vs Serta: Who will be the winner?


Beautyrest Vs Serta

Serta has been one of the pioneers in mattress fields. They first introduced their product, named Perfect Sleeper in 1931. National Sleep Foundation acknowledged Serta for the Official Mattress. Serta has become one of the biggest giants in manufacturing mattress in the United States of America.

Another giant in the mattress industry is Beautyrest. This brand has been established for about 140 years. Beautyrest plays an important role as one of the oldest brands in the industry in America. With all the innovations, Beautyrest has investigated plenty of mattress styles.

The two big companies have a tendency to make the customers’ become better and more comfortable in their sleep. It also offers customers a wide range of products that can make them confused.

So, Beautyrest vs Serta: Who will be the winner?

Read this article and then you will have your own answer for your choice.

What are Beautyrest and Serta?

Founded in 1931, Serta is considered as one of the biggest brands specialized in mattress in the USA. They are concentrating on two main mattress types such as memory foam and innerspring.

For many years, they gained some important achievements as Official mattress of the National Sleep Foundation, 2018-2019 Women’ Choice Award for the most recommended mattress, pillow, and box spring brand; and Consumers Digest Best Buy.

Serta has been changing the sleep hobby of the users by their innovation in producing mattress. The Serta mattresses have a tendency to provide customers a revitalizing sleep with full energy.

Beautyrest is established in the early 1990s. It is one of the oldest mattress companies in the USA market. Their mission is making the sleep better than before so they are also a pioneer in technology using in their mattresses.

The monitoring technology applied in the new mattresses brings us convenience after a touch. It is a good way for users to relax and sleep deeply after a hard day.

With the mentioned ideas, we should get through everything clearly for the two companies, so it will be easier to decide which one is the favorite to choose. Therefore, the customers also find out the common points and some differences from Beautyrest vs Serta.

Beautyrest vs. Serta: Similarities

Firstly, we will go straight to the similarities between the two brands.

Brand reputation

About brands, Beautyrest and Serta are famous for offering mattress. They are pioneers in mattresses industry in the USA. From the beginning, both of them want to offer customers the best and most suitable mattress with a variety of choices. If you have a demand of mattress, the high recommendation will come from Serta or Beautyrest.

Serta and Beautyrest have conducted their mattress with two different layers. Besides, they also supply edge support for all of the products in collections. That helps the users release the pressure from the body by the comfort and support the health of the users. Hence, the two brands try their effort to limit the pain after waking up for the customers.

Main product

Another similarity we can easily find out is the main product. The main products of the two companies are the mattress. Both of them also improve their products by designing the edge around the mattress.

It reduces the motion transfering for the mattress when you have to change the position of the mattress without disturbing the others sleeping on it.

Thus, it creates convenience as well as the stability for the products. The edge is one of the innovations that make the two brands different from the others.

They have been clarifying the mattress into many types. Beautyrest vs Serta would like to introduce you to a variety of mattress choices. You can choose the most suitable one for yourselves, for your budget or style when considering between Serta and Beautyrest.

It is true that the traditional mattress can make users uncomfortable when forcing your body into the bed overnight, so they research and develop many types that can satisfy the different demands of the clients.

Mattress coming in a box

There is a product line that Beautyrest vs Serta has been investigating and succeeding in the last few years. It is mattress coming in a box.

This type of mattress suits to people who don’t have demand on waiting for traditional delivery progress. They also don’t want to have specific support or guidance from the brand, so mattress coming in a box is invented.

It helps the delivery progress much better to go. It saves time for both suppliers and customers. You just have to unpack the box, open it and unwind and your mattress is ready to be used. Good sleep is waiting for you in a minute!

Other accessories

Besides the mattress, both Beautyrest and Serta supply a wide range of accessories accompanied with mattress. You can find pillows, bed frames, bed protector, baby accessories, and pet beds through the websites of the two brands. If you have your lovely pets, you can offer it a comfort sleep just like you.

Beautyrest Vs Serta: Who Will Be The Winner? 1

Serta offers the cooling support for your pets that they can experience the most comfort bed (photo via Serta website

Beautyrest Vs Serta: Who Will Be The Winner? 2

Beautyrest supply customers a lot of pet beds styles (photo via Beautyrest website

Or when you have a baby, you could find the baby topper to complete your mattress, avoid water when changing diapers for baby. It is waterproof so you can find it easy to change.

Beautyrest Vs Serta: Who Will Be The Winner? 3

Changing Pad Topper from Serta website (photo via

In addition to accessories, the adjustable foundation is one of the most innovative parts from Beautyrest and Serta. They are successful in bringing us to the most comfortable sleep experience by a touch. You can adjust the way to read the book, the suitability for watching TV, and the sleeping position, of course.

It also contains built-in message technology, so it will help the users feel better, reduce stress and have a sound sleep in a few minutes. The adjustable foundation, hence, improve the sleep quality of the customers by restricting several health issues such as improving circulation or reducing snoring.

Beautyrest Vs Serta: Who Will Be The Winner? 4

Adjustable bases are provided from Beautyrest and Serta, that makes the customers more flexibility in positioning than the traditional models

These accessories can easily add to cart and checkout through the payment window in the websites. The goods will be delivered to your house or the address you provide soon. It becomes a revolution in improving the quality of sleep for modern people in society.

Showroom system

The showroom system is another resemblance of Beautyrest vs Serta. Both of them are long-standing brands in the United States of America so they have showrooms and stores in all states around America.

You can easily find out the showrooms on their websites and then go to the stores, you can test the quality of the mattress you tend to purchase. It will help you have the correct decision before you buy the product. It can be considered as the huge effort that Beautyrest and Serta bring to their customers

Beautyrest vs Serta: Differences create the unique brands

So how are they different from the other? We will get through each difference from Beautyrest vs. Serta.

Mattress clarification

The two brands have the main products, mattresses, but the way of mattress clarification is not the same. They approach the different methods of manufacturing their mattress. If Serta concentrates on the mattress with a specific purpose, Beautyrest will divide the mattress into luxury types.

Particularly, Serta has several types like Serta Perfect Sleeper, Serta iComfort, Mattress in a box, Sleeptrue and some other exclusive. All types of Serta are designed to improve health issues. Most of the mattresses from Serta are available in innerspring, hybrid and message foam.

 For example, Serta Perfect Sleeper is the best choice for people who are used to turning and tossing, too hot or too cold when sleeping that can disturb their partners while Serta iComfort can solve the problem of supporting our body curves with the comfort cooling message foam.


Serta Perfect Sleep and Serta iComfort can solve most of the sleeping issues

Serta Perfect Sleep and Serta iComfort can solve most of the sleeping issues

On the other hand, Sleeptrue is a smart choice for people who have a smaller budget, but they also concern about their sleep quality. It brings us a well-qualified mattress with an affordable price.

Sleeptrue from Serta is suitable for people who have a small budget

Sleeptrue from Serta is suitable for people who have a small budget

Different from Serta, Beautyrest develops its mattress based on luxury. They have five mattress lines such as Black, Platinum, Hybrid, Silver, and Beautyrest.

Black can be considered as the most luxurious mattress from Beautyrest. It contains the latest technology associated with a mattress.

Particularly, it uses Blackice 4.0 technology with atmosphere management that leads to a cooler sleep for the users so that they will have a deep sleep without worries of hot weather. That is a big advantage of this type.

Beautyrest Black Sonya Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress, King

Beautyrest Black is the most luxurious mattress of Beautyrest (photo via

Besides the cooling management system, Blackline still has the typical character from Beautyrest. The pocked coil and foams are also applied in this line of Beautyrest. It contributes to reducing the pressure for the users’ body and the partner disturbance during sleeping. Everyone can have full of energy and the body can revitalize after the sleep with Black lines.

Platinum is another line from Beautyrest. This product line is set at an ideal temperature by infinitive cool foam technology.

With this creation, the mattress can move the heat from your body during sleep up to 20% more than the traditional ones. It also has a pocked coil and foam that makes our body escape from the force.

Beautyrest offers Platinum product lines for users that consider the ideal temperature during sleeping

Beautyrest offers Platinum product lines for users that consider the ideal temperature during sleeping

We want to mention another line from Beautyrest. It is a Hybrid product line. This type of mattress is applied to the dual cool system that makes you feel fresh and comfortable.

Parallel with this system, the pocked coil, and the gel massage foam support also play important roles in this mattress, because when you sleep, your body motion will lead to the heat. This associated system can help you avoid this inconvenience and have an easier sleep time.

This type of mattress has many sizes for your choices like a queen size, king size, California king size, full size, or twin size. You will have many options when choosing this mattress.

Beautyrest offers Hybrid product lines for users that consider about sizes

Beautyrest offers Hybrid product lines for users that consider about sizes (photo via

Beautyrest also has Silver product lines. This type of mattress orients the market segment that considers the cooling surface of the mattress. If you care about convenience and comfort, even in the top layer, the Silver Line is a smart choice.

With the dual-cooling plus technology, this type will create a fresh without moisturizing sleep environment for the users. Coil and dynamic massage foam are traditionally applied in this product line. It is a good way to assist the body curves of customers, so they will have no aches after sleeping.

 Beautyrest Vs Serta: Who Will Be The Winner? 5

Silver lines give the customers a cooling comfort surface for their sleep (photo via

And another line must be mentioned here is Beautyrest-the line name coincided with the brand. So what makes it different from the other lines? The answer is a combination of technology.

Beautyrest owns dual cooling technology associated with air cool foam and typical pocked coil. Using these innovations, Beautyrest brings us to sleep with a comfortable temperature without heating from body moving and maximum body assistance. An ideal performance from this product also scores a goal for their brand-Beautyrest.

Silver lines give the customers a cooling comfort surface for their sleep

The Beautyrest product line doesn’t own the latest technology, but it is a great technological combination (photo via

Cost for mattress

It is true that investing in your health is a smart decision, but you also should consider the amount of money for our chosen products.

If you have a large budget, you can purchase your favorite product and ignore their price. However, there is no need for premium quality if your budget is small.

Moreover, your choice should be based on the essential need Serta vs Beautyrest have their price range.

Serta has a start at $299 for Queen size and goes around $999-$1,299 for the other types of Queen size. They reach the top price for icomfort mattress at $2,799 while Beautyrest has the price for a premium mattress of $4,000. Remember that the around average price will be a good start.

Mattress warranty

Manufacturing the best mattresses, Beautyrest vs Serta also offer different limited warranty programs.

Serta has a warranty program of 20 years for customers purchasing their products, while Beautyrest offer limited a 10-year warranty for most of the mattresses they produce. This can be considered as a hint for you to prioritize Serta vs Beautyrest mattress.

BEAUTYREST VS SERTA: What is your choice?

It is challenging to compare clearly between Serta and Beautyrest because they are the oldest giant in their industry. They also have a similar and compatible quality of products.

It is very hard to say which is better than the other one. It depends on your demand.

If you want to choose a mattress with a wide range of budget and the functional character of solving health problems such as stomachache or back pain, you should select Serta. Serta can easily meet your demand for supporting your body from the health issue.

In contrast, if you are just concerned about the cool and comfortable environment when sleeping in a luxury performance mattress with a pocked coil, Beautyrest will be your favorite.

Beautyrest have five luxurious levels for their mattresses, so it is up to you, to the design that you like most. All cooling technologies in Beautyrest are the latest ones. They intend to manufacture the luxurious mattress that gives you a cool temperature for deep and easy sleep.

Which Will You Choose?

Generally, Serta will have plenty of mattresses that meet your demand related to your health issue. It is an excellent choice if you want to improve your issue when sleeping. They also deserve the prize of the National Sleep Foundation.

On the other hand, Beautyrest creates a luxurious way for customers to go. They are also an excellent brand when you want to choose the most cooling and comfort mattress according to your body temperature.  It’s based on your needs!

Let me know if you have any experience with the two big mattress brands and your comparison of Beautyrest vs Serta. And remember to share this article with your family or friends who are demanding to have a new mattress.

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